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Pick Up & Drop Off Info


Live Oak Elementary is located at 5151 Sherwood Way, in San Ramon. U-turns are not allowed anywhere along Sherwood Way, this is designated with double solid yellow lines along this stretch of road. Cars should enter the main parking lot nearest the Administrative building. The right lane of the driveway is reserved for vehicles that will drop off and pick up students without parents having to exit the vehicle. The left lane is for parents that will park their vehicle in a designated parking spot. 

For parents using the lower parking lot (near the Kindergarten and Growing Room areas) dropping off students without parking in a designated spot is not allowed.  

DROP OFF: Parents will enter the only designated drop off lane located at the front of the school, pull all the way forward, drop off their children, then carefully pull away from the curb and exit back onto Sherwood Way. Students should walk to the blacktop using the fire access road located at the end of the parking lot. 
Parents who prefer to accompany their children to the blacktop must park their vehicle in a designated parking spot located in the main parking lot or the Tiffany Roberts Field area. Being mindful that double parking to drop off your child is dangerous for the entire community. Additionally, respecting the posted reserved spots for Staff Members, Handicap and Auction Winners. Please use the sidewalk and follow the guidance of our crossing guard and school staff. 

PICKUP: After school, if you are parking or walking, use the access road from the front or back of the school (do not wait or walk through the carpool gates), please meet your child on the playground near their lineup number. Any children who are not picked up within 15 minutes of the end of the school day will be escorted to the office. Selecting a meeting place off the blacktop such as Tiffany Roberts Field or in front of the Growing Room is unsafe due to the lack of supervision. 
The area in front of the Growing Room is reserved for students that will be picked up by a Private after school program (Vanpool). If you are driving, please go through the same carpool lane as described in the Drop Off Procedures, stopping in front of the office. Students will be called to wait for you at the end of the driveway. Please display your Carpool Visor which contains your child’s last name and grade in your windshield.  Vehicles without a Visor will be asked to exit the lane and find a designated parking spot in the main parking lot.

Thank you in advance for following these procedures and keeping our students safe.