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Pick Up & Drop Off Info

Important: Traffic Safety: There have recently been more accidents and near misses around the community and school. Please do the following to help keep everyone safe:
  • Please use the LO pick-up/drop-off system.  Carpool in front of the school is for those who stay in their cars and pick up their students. Make sure your name placard is visible to help move keep the line.
  • Do NOT leave your car in the carpool lane. Staff will attempt to locate your student by using the radio to check the office and blacktop.
  • Use Blacktop Pick-Up if you walk and/or park your car to meet students. Students should wait on their class line number for parents/guardians/sitters. Leave by using the access road by B5 or the K-building stairs or the access road by the park.
  • For safety, there is NO playing allowed on the play structures during arrival or dismissal times. Even if students are with their parents, we are trying to clear the blacktop and do not allow any play until 15 minutes after school lets out.
  • Be respectful of our neighbors and our community. Model respect in front of our students.
  • Watch for students on bikes and scooters. All students should be wearing helmets when riding - it's the law and it's for safety. Students may not ride bikes or scooters on the blacktop.
  • There is a no parking zone in front of the Kinder area. Do not double park and walk in to get your student. 
  • Slow down and be mindful of each other. We know many of you are in a rush to drop off or pick up students at other schools, or to get somewhere after school. Still, remember caution first. 
  • The city is completing a TRAFFIX route analysis study analyzing intersections around our school. The intersections being studied are East Branch/Sherwood Dr. and Sherwood Dr./Melbourne Way. We will keep families informed on the study results. Please feel free to send comments to me and/or the City of San Ramon.