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Math Live is a great resource with animated lessons for students, teachers and parents.
Houghton Mifflin has fun review and practice games for K-5 math curriculum.
Math Tube has great how-to videos, with examples on many different math topics.
The exact Science Curriculum that is taught in SRVUSD, with interactive Chapter/Lesson reviews, with games and other resources. 
Wild Earth TV are live channels where you can watch animals in their own habitat. Very cool, check it out!
Who doesn't enjoy Bill Nye and his informative videos on numerous topics!
A great resource for kids to read about animals, new discoveries, plants and other cool adventures throughout the world. 
Language Arts
Scholastic Summer Reading is a great resource for kids to track their reading progress, starting April 30th. They offer book lists, expert advice and the winning team gets to donate money to a charity of their choice!
Papunet exercises are a great way for young children who are learning to read, and associate words with their actual object. There are also puzzles, dominoes and sudokus. 
Power Typing is a comprehensive resource that incorporates practice lessons, games, tests and will also track your progress. 
Other Resources
White House for Kids is very informative and allows kids to take an up close look at the Presidency and different aspects of the job. 
Fact Monster will keep any child busy for hours. There are fun facts, interesting ideas and games to play. Have fun!
C-SPAN has a great Online Presidential Library with interesting facts and fun activities you can check out.