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Spirit Day 1/29

Find a friend ... or 2, or 3 to dress alike for Twin Day at Live Oak.

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Teacher Sites

Mrs. Gee  Room E-6

Mrs. Keyes  Room E-1

Mrs. Saad  Room E-2

Mrs. Yan  Room E-5


Go for the gold!


Show your Live Oak pride each Wednesday by putting on your spirit wear. Students may also dress in an item of clothing that's red, maroon, yellow or gold.

1st grade recommendation

Thanks for Thanksgiving
Eureka Math Parent Resources

Please click on the image below for math resources provided by the district.

Math Family Resources ScreenShot

Fun Math Games can be found here!

Digital Citizenship

Common Sense Media

 For more information about becoming a responsible and respectful digital citizen, click here!

1st Grade Team

1st Grade Team

We are looking forward to an exciting year at First Grade.  From left to right:  Mrs. Gee (E-6), Mrs. Keyes (E-1), Mrs. Saad (E-2) and Mrs. Yan (E-5)

Hour of Care ... ing

This upcoming week, January 7th-10th, our school will be participating in our second "Hour of".  The purpose of this event is for our students and staff to take one hour out of their day to take CARE of themselves and/or each other. 


This is a time when we can:

  • CARE for our mind

  • CARE for our creative side

  • CARE for our body

  • CARE for others

100th Day Celebration


On Tuesday, January 28th we will be celebrating the 100th day of school!  As a special treat for the students, first grade teachers will set up 10 different 100th day activities in the MPR.  If you can join us (and you've been cleared through our district as a volunteer) please sign up by clicking the link below.  

100th Day parent volunteer sign-up

Please arrive at 8:45 to sign in at the front desk and go directly to the MPR.  Directions will be provided at each center activity.   We expect to be done at 10:00.  

This will be a wonderful opportunity for students to make new friends and have fun while learning.  We hope you will be able to join us!

First Grade Life Skill

chore chart

Sometimes it's easier for parents to do all of the housekeeping themselves. It's a missed opportunity for us to teach our kids how to keep the house clean, which they'll eventually need to know. You can start with age-appropriate chore charts that include learning how to make the bed, empty the dishwasher and dust. Children can also learn responsibility by cleaning up little messes made and taking the initiative to clean out their personal things in family cars.  

Run Club 

Run Club

Live Oak Run Club is a FUN experience for all ages and fitness levels (run or walk the 5 laps), non-competitive (all students are successful), earn 5k, 10k, 15k, ½-marathon and full-marathon recognition and rewards. This year's goal is to complete a FULL marathon (26.2 miles) by showing up every Tuesday throughout the Run Club season (28 times)

Click here for more info!

Conversation Starters

kids clipart

Each week we will introduce a question that you may want to discuss as a family. These conversation starters create an opportunity to learn more about each other.

What can you do to light up the world with kindness?

Important Reminders

First Grade site

  • Make sure to check the website every Monday, for your child's weekly homework. Please return your child's completed work STAPLED in his/her Live Oak Folder on Friday. Assignments are posted on the right hand side of this page under "Homework this Week."
  • Please label lunch boxes, water bottles, backpacks, sweatshirts & jackets! 
  • When it is your classroom's PE day, make sure your child wears appropriate shoes. No sandals, Crocs, or flip-flops. This is for their safety!

Taco Tuesday


important schedule changes and dates


Mon. 1/06.  Teacher Workday

Tues. 1/07. School Resumes

Fri. 1/17  Report cards go home

Mon. 1/20  Martin Luther King holiday.  No school.

Tues. 1/28  100th Day celebration at the MPR

Thurs. 1/29  Math Festival

homework clipart

Week of: January 7th

Math: Math problem sets and homework pages are sent home daily. Please keep the problem sets at home.  

Reading: Letter from your teachers about our reading homework.

 Homework is due on Friday!

Please staple completed homework pages together and place them inside your child's Live Oak folder. 

Parent Volunteers

Raise Hands

Volunteer Management System (VMS) is the name of our district's volunteer policy and process. If you wish to volunteer during centers or field trips, please complete the process ASAP!  You may go to this link to sign up.  

Please keep in mind that field trip drivers change all the time.  You can come off this list for expired driver's license, insurance policy or tickets.  Check to make sure everything is up to date.

Soul Shoppe

Soul Shoppe teaches students important skills that support them academically and socially through life. This interactive program focuses on problem solving, conflict resolution, and creating a community of respect and growth.

At Soul Shoppe this week, students learned to untie the "nots" by affirming several truths.  Students were given a bookmark to place on a mirror so that they can remember just how amazing they are!

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