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SRVUSD Board Meeting Recap and Parent Message
Posted 3/26/21

At a special meeting last night, Thursday, March 26, 2021, the SRVUSD Board of Education met to discuss and take action on the return to full-time, in-person instruction for hybrid students only.


The Board voted unanimously to uphold the recommendation of staff:

In response to the updated guidance, the SRVUSD is recommending that we return our hybrid students to full-day, in-person instruction, four days per week, beginning on Monday, March 29, 2021* for secondary and Tuesday, March 30, 2021* for TK-K and elementary, following the schedules listed.


What this means for students beginning next Monday is:

  • For both elementary and secondary (grades 1 – 12) the cohorts that are currently in a staggered “A/B” schedule will now come together to receive four full days of in-person instruction on their campuses.

  • Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten follow the remote schedule on Monday. 

    • We will communicate additional information about TK and K schedules on Monday.

  • Students in special education programs will maintain their current schedule and services through the end of this school year.

    • Secondary SDC mild will now be attending four days per week, rather than two.

  • Secondary (middle and high school) will meet on their campuses next week, Monday - Thursday, but their ongoing schedule for full-day in-person learning will be Tuesday through Friday, with Mondays remote. 

    • Monday 3/29 will be an odd block day

    • Tuesday 3/30 will be an even block day

    • Wednesday 3/31 will be an odd block day

    • Thursday 4/1 will be an even block day

  • Elementary (grades 1 – 5) will meet on their campuses Tuesday - Thursday next week, but their ongoing schedule for full-day in-person learning will be Tuesday through Friday, with Mondays remote.

  • Reminder that Friday, 4/2 is a teacher floating workday and is a non-school day for all students.


As a reminder, last November, 2020, families were asked to declare their choice to remain in the remote (online) option or shift to hybrid, in-person when public health guidance would allow.  At that time, and in last night’s Board meeting, it was stressed that the declarations made in November would not change. Only those students who chose hybrid will be returning to full-days, in-person. The District is unable to accommodate exceptions at this time.


The Board of Education stressed the need to continue and expand ways to offer those students learning remotely the opportunity to connect with their campus and receive some support in-person. We committed to examining this closely and stressed that quality learning for remote students will continue to be a major priority. 


I recommended a more swift return to full-time, in-person learning in order to allow students time to come together and build community prior to the District’s Spring Break. I noted that in many cases, these students have only met and worked together online. I emphasized and the Board agreed about the importance of using next week as a time for students and their teachers to connect as a community of learners.


The special meeting of the Board of Education was attended by over 900 people online, and the Board received comments from more than 25 people, including parents and teachers. The comments ranged from praise and thanks for the hard working education professionals in the District to concerns about moving too fast to the full-day, in-person instruction schedule.


I reiterate how important it is to support our staff right now as we make one more transition. Our staff has worked exceptionally hard to support our students.  The stresses of this year, the diverse perspectives in our school communities and the requirement to keep changing have had an impact. 


Our focus and priority is always on our students. We are grateful to all of our partners in getting us to this place and we look forward to watching all students thrive in their chosen learning environment.