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SRVUSD Board Brief | Highlights from Board of Ed Meetings  
Posted 3/4/21


SRVUSD Board Brief

Highlights from Board of Education meetings



Board Workshop, March 2, 2021

Long-term Strategic Planning.


Vision. Direction. Goals. Strategies. Meeting the needs of every one of our students. 

These were the themes discussed on Wednesday, March 2 by the Board of Education in the first of two workshops intended to plan and create the District’s long-term (3 – 5 year) strategic direction, goals and plan.  


Superintendent Malloy shared the sentiment that while the District is working in earnest to return to in-person teaching and learning, the organization must also look forward and set direction to ensure continuous improvement and service to all students.  Last year, the Board of Education initiated long-term planning discussions, but COVID interrupted the work. At this meeting, the Board returned attention to the important work of thoughtful strategic planning. 


The organization is focusing analysis and need in three key areas including: Equity, Deep Learning and Instruction, and Social-Emotional/Well-Being. The Board studied work that has been completed in the area of Equity, including reviewing the changing demographics and student population of the San Ramon Valley. Additionally, they reflected on what can be done to meet all students “by name and need.”   The second of this two-part Board Workshop will continue on March 11th when the Board will study Deep Learning/Instruction and Social-Emotional/Well-Being.


The Board directed staff to engage the school community in these discussions, giving all stakeholders an opportunity to share their thoughts, concerns, ideas and needs.  


Next Steps


  • March 11 - The strategic planning process continues with the second of two meetings with the Board of Education, where they will take a deep dive into the remaining key themes of Deep Learning and Instruction and Social-Emotional/Well-Being.

  • March/April - Stakeholder engagement begins.  A comprehensive plan for stakeholder engagement will be presented to the Board of Education at their general meeting on Tuesday, March 9. Look for information on how you can add your voice, thoughts and ideas.

  • April/May - Strategic direction is refined based on community input.

  • June - Long-term strategic plan is presented to the Board of Education at a general meeting.  As always, the public is welcome to attend meetings of the Board, and encouraged to engage in the important work of educating the children of our community.


President Ordway summarized the meeting by expressing the importance of long-term planning to help the District remain not only a top performing school district but a “top supporter” of every one of our students.



SRVUSD Board Brief

Highlights from Board of Education meetings


Special Board Meeting, March 3, 2021

Item 4.1: Report, Review and Action Related to Reopening Schools – Spring and Fall 2021


President Ordway called for a Special Board Meeting in order to give the Board an opportunity to provide input and direction into the continued reopening of schools this spring and next fall 2021.


Dr. Malloy began by providing an overview of existing reopening efforts:

  • Following the county moving into the Red Tier, the District plans to immediately reopen grades 7-12. It is anticipated that 8,000+ students will be on our campuses in-person once we enter the Red Tier, including grades TK-6 and 7-12.

  • The majority of families have made the choice to continue with remote learning this year, some because they are not comfortable with the hybrid model.

  • Staff/students are excited to be back on campuses, and schools are strictly adhering to safety guidelines. 

  • While some families are uncomfortable with remote learning, the District will continue to offer a remote option.

  • We are hopeful our county will move into the Red Tier by mid-March. With the current process the State is using, we will open the day after we reach the Red Tier.  If there is any change to the State process, we will need to allow 5 days before reopening grades 7-12.

  • Many sports at the high school level have returned to practice and competition, with others expected to be allowed to open soon.

  • Planning for end-of-year activities is underway with consistency among school sites. Our intention in regards to graduations and promotions is to provide opportunities for in-person celebrations. Given existing restrictions regarding observers, these will need to be outdoors, distanced and with the possibility of having multiple events with smaller groups. 

  • Summer School: We are waiting for AB86 legislation to be finalized this week, which would provide significant one-time funding to support reopening, summer school and fall reopening.

  • The vaccination process for educators is moving forward. Approximately 60% of our staff have begun the process.


We need to start preparing now for the fall:

  • Our expectation is that we will be back full-time, in-person, also offering a quality remote option for those who require it, but that the remote option will most likely look different than it does now. The remote option, itself, will remain intact, but we may explore it as more centralized than offering remote at each school site.

  • Restrictions regarding physical distancing still need to be clarified in order for the district to move forward with a full-time, in-person approach. There remains conflicting information about physical distancing from health officials, and the Board seeks clarity around this issue. Safety remains their top priority in all discussions about physical distancing.

  • If circumstances change, we can pivot because we know how to do it.

  • Staff is hoping to bring back a more detailed plan and proposal by the end of March. At that meeting, staff will establish what full-time, in-person looks like regarding cost, staffing, facilities, etc.

  • We will continue to support staff needs as we move forward.


The Board asked clarifying questions and then approved a motion that provided direction to staff in several areas, including stakeholder engagement and the need for continued advocacy by the Board and community. The motion further directed staff  to move forward with the following:

  • Proceed with planning for 5 days/week, full-time, in-person approach for the fall with a viable remote option for those who need/want it;

  • Model what 4-feet of physical distance means in terms of resources (cost, staffing, facilities, etc.);

  • Support advocacy, particularly at the State level, providing information to the community with strategies on how to do so;

  • Bring back a plan related to the establishment of an advisory group/task force composed of those representative of our community (a superintendent’s committee including two board members who will rotate on the committee).


Following several comments from the public, Board president Ordway provided a summary of the Board’s direction and adjourned the meeting.